Zillionaires Road Trip USA
Zillionaires Road Trip USA
Product Information
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 30
Age: 8+

Zillionaires Road Trip USA

Big Potato Games

  • $24.99

Zillionaires Road Trip USA is a board game mash-up of Sequence and Monopoly — so get ready to line up some deals!
• A family board game where your mission is to buy four attractions in a row. Just be careful you don’t get sucked into a bidding war!
• Snap up quirky spots like the ‘Museum of Bad Art’ or the ‘Igloo Hotel’, in a 30-minute ‘all-auction’ board game for families.
• Sold! Only the best new board games contain an actual hammer. When you bang the gavel, the highest bidder wins the property. Nice.
• A family game that’s easy to learn, so it’s the ideal board game for 8 year olds or older. Plus, it can be played as a 2 player board game too!