Z for Zombie
Product Information
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 20-30
Age: 12+

Z for Zombie

Gamdow Games

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Zombies break out in Hong Kong!!! It is an impossible mission to fight with too many zombies. To survive, you need to get the food outside and back home quickly.

Z for Zombie is a party game based on a Hong Kong novel, which also has comics published about it. In the game, you take role of a character in the comics and they need to get food from outside for their family and buddies. Player will get the same set of five cards as their hand with different actions: alert, move or search. Players play their own action card together to move towards END and get food on the road. Zombie will move once after three players actions and they will get faster and faster. Player who got enough food can get onto the Mobile Smoothie, or you need to go to the END by run.

The food token can be flipped as you wish when you get it. It may become 2 points or 3 point, but may also alert the zombies moving forward. If the token was not flipped, it also gets 1 point. Games end when all the players have arrived at END or have been eaten by zombies. The surviving player with highest point wins the game.