Workshop Tonttu
Workshop Tonttu
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Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 20
Age: 9+

Workshop Tonttu


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In Workshop Tonttu you play as a tonttu(elf) working in a workshop making presents. You'll choose from the materials going around the workshop to make a present for children! Be careful though, if someone builds a present before you do they get the points for it, so try to build them first!

Each round everyone gets a hand of five material cards. Then simultaneously everyone chooses one card to keep from their hand then passes one card to the player to their right and three player to their left to the left. If in your hand you have the required materials to complete a present, you get that present card. Keep going round and round choosing one passing one to the right and three to the left, building presents until all the presents are built. Then Count up all the points on the present cards you built, whoever has the most points wins!