What Ho World
Product Information
Players: 3-5
Playing Time: 120-180
Age: 13+

What Ho World

UFO Press

  • $19.99

The newest love of your life has got engaged to a frightful cheese-obsessed bore from the Home Counties.

Your butler could separate them in a jiffy, but hes busy running errands for your Great-Aunt to clear his shameful gambling debts.

She could forgive the debts, but she wants the money to buy the famous artists new masterpiece.

And the artist would be happy to just hand the painting over, so long as you help her cover up that her best works are plagiarised.

How will this all shake out? Find out in play!

What Ho World! is a light Role-Playing game of hijinks and shenanigans set in the breezy upper classes of the roaring 20s.

Its designed to be played over the course of a single session, without needing a GM or any prior preparation. Simply grab the cards, choose an archetype each, and go! The game manages the flow of the story for you, while giving you as many prompts as you could want to spark the imagination.