Wh1ch Gam3
Product Information
Players: 2-8
Playing Time: 2-5
Age: 10+

Wh1ch Gam3

Frosted Games

  • $5.00

Contained in the Deutscher Spielepreis 2016 Goodie Box

WH1CH GAM3, a.k.a. W3LCH35 5P13L, is a small card game that can be used to determine which game your group should play next.

Each person chooses one game they wish to play, with the player who finished last in the previous game (or the host) choosing a second game. Place all of these games on the table. Each person draws a card at random, face down. The person with the lowest numbered card removes a game, then the person with the next lowest card removes a game, etc., until only one game remains on the table. Now it's time to play!

Multiple versions of WH1CH GAM3 have been published, all of which play the same and all of which have different sets of numbers in them. Shuffle one or more sets together to determine what to play when you have more than eight players on hand...