WarQuest Big Box
Product Information
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 90-180
Age: 14+

WarQuest Big Box Expansions

L4 Studios

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This expansion bundle includes Trolls and Beastmen, Elites, High Elves, Wizards, Bugbears, and the Wraith King.

There is no other race as majestic as the High Elves. Their skill with a bow and on a horse is unequalled in Myrathia. When their armies march out of their ancestral homeland on the northern shores, Kingdoms tremble. The Beastmen and Trolls

Minotaurs, Centaurs, and Trolls are some of the most dangerous creatures that any Warlord dares to force into his army. The mere sight of them in the ranks of an approaching army can cause wholesale panic! The Bugbears
Bugbears are considered a common race in Myrathia, but they are a little harder to recruit and stronger than the other common races. Once recruited, however, they can stand up to attacks by the more fragile races and smash them to bits.

The Wizards in Myrathia deal in combat magic: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each order specializes in unique spells that allow them to tip the scales in battle.

The Elites are the more powerful units of the common races. Recruiting them gives your army more ‘punch and flexibility. The Wraith King

The Wraith King expansion adds a new and exciting end-game to WarQuest. On turn 13, the player in last place ceases to play as a Warlord and instead takes control of The Wraith King and his undead army! The Wraith King has only one goal: to destroy every city in Myrathia and turn the land into a vast land of the dead.