Valdora BUNDLE

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Voldora: Hidden far away from our time lies a valley of unimaginable riches. Drawn by the lure of gold, silver, and precious jewels, adventurers from all over the world soon find their way there. While some of them still carefully choose commissions and provisions, others quickly rush off to bring valuable gems back to their patrons. But those who wish for fame and fortune will have to be cleverer than their opponents!

Players purchase equipment and commissions in Valdora's cities. Only with the help of special equipment can they dig for gold and various gemstones. If a player undertakes a commission and delivers the requested gemstones to the house of their patron, they earn victory points. Additionally, you can hire a craftsman. Each craftsman specializes in gold, silver, or specific gemstones. The first player to have enough craftsmen with the same specialization may open a workshop. Workshop owners receive bonus points.

At the end of the game, players earn victory points for their workshops, craftsmen, and gemstones. The player with the most points has made their fortune in Valdora and wins the game!

Contents: 1 game board, 78 gemstones, 4 books, 111 cards, 1 craftsman board, 59 tiles, 30 coins, 5 pawns, 1 bag, rules

Valdora Extra adds rules and components for a two player variant, new special cards for advanced players and a start player token..