UberStax: 6-Pack - Black


  • $9.99

For people who love playing board or card games, UberStax is a new twist on an old idea. For years, table-top card and token games have posed challenges for some players. Dexterity disabilities due to injury or illness can prevent some people from enjoying a simple game of cards, or dominoes. Children may struggle with the manual dexterity required to manipulate a hard of cards, and we've all experienced a Scrabble rack with too many tiles.

We've heard from board game players, parents, RPG gamers, and combined that feedback with our own tabletop play experience.

The result is an innovative way to save table space during those games that grow to cover a table. A flexible means to manage cards for those players with limited or diminished hand control; and a simple option for those who would simply like to have their hands free during a game for snacks and beverages. :)

All 6 pieces in this set are black.