Tremble, Humans! Card Game
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Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 30-60
Age: 14+

Tremble, Humans! Card Game

Cosmodrome Games

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Tremble, Humans! Сard Game is a highly thematic board game in which players again take roles of alien generals, invading earth to fill their cargo with intergalactic currency – humans. Each turn of the game some cites are available for attacks and players simultaneously choose a place to attack, splitting their fleet between cites, if necessary. But one city is too small for two generals – so if there are multiple players trying to invade a city, their armies will fight and only the strongest will capture the humans! After the round, generals get support – new ships, as well as the amount of fuel will increase during invasion, making alien fleets larger. After 6 rounds and additional goals scoring the richest player wins.

Changes from board game version: no more game board, each ship grant player cubes and abilities - but no numerical value, only number of success on rolled cubes counts - not numerical values, now rewards for each city are random and determined by the deck player choose to draw from.