Treasure Hunter
Product Information
Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 20-45
Age: 8+

Treasure Hunter


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Get as much valuable treasure and coins as you can, as everything counts at the end of this 5 round game! Watch out for treasure that isnt treasure at all, and draft your team of Treasure Hunters wisely. There are only 2 treasures available in each of the 3 seasons, so get it while you can!

Treasures are placed on the game board first. Then all players are given a hand of 9 cards in which to draft from, drawing one card and passing to the left or the right depending on which round is being played. At the end of drafting, all players will have a hand of 9 cards and a little knowledge of what the other players may have in their hands as well.

All players must play any and all cards from their drafted hand of 9 for each season they have cards for, whether they want one of the two treasures or not.