Tramways: Tile Expansion Packs
Tramways: Tile Expansion Packs
Tramways: Tile Expansion Packs
Product Information
Players: 1-5
Playing Time: 30-180
Age: 14+

Tramways: Tile Expansion Packs


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This is the latest expansion for Tramways suggested by the fans, designed and released with the help of the boardgames community:

ALL tiles are printed both sides with different tiles to add even more variety .when you combine them!

Tile expansion pack 1 contains 39 NEW TILES:
1 x Clinic Tile
2 x Volcano tiles
2 x Railroad Cross Tiles + 1 Black disc
8 x Multicolored city Tiles
5 x Lake Tiles
6 x Forest Tiles
5 x Mountain Tiles
6 x River Tiles
4 x New Building Tiles
A set of rules

Tile Expansion pack 2 contains 6 OLD TILES:
2 x Airport tiles
1 x Fun Fair tile
1 x Park Tile
1 x Stock Exchange Tile
1 x Grand Station Tile
A set of rules

Both Packs can be combined with ALL cover flaps (Grand Station, Blue Commerce, Green Residence, Yellow Industry and Red Leisure)

For example you could make a city with 4 Airports, 2 Volcanos and a long long river...