The Princess Bride-Opoly
Product Information
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 90
Age: 14+

The Princess Bride-Opoly

Toy Vault

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In Toy Vault's Princess Bride-opoly, you and your friends venture inside the classic Fantasy film, 'The Princess Bride' !

Sail across the Shrieking Eel-infested waters! Traverse the deadly Fire Swamp! Storm the mighty castle! Buy up properties as you quest across the kingdom and build them up with cottages and castles in order to collect valuable Florins from the other players who follow.

Be careful however, because a bad roll of the Dice could leave you paying a heavy fee, dueling another player, or thrown into the Pit of Despair!

For 2-5 players, Princess Bride-opoly is board game of buying and selling properties. Players take turns moving around the board buying up properties featured in the movie. Properties can be upgraded with cottages and castles, which provide more income if another player lands on them. If you can be the last player with Florins, you win the game!