The Island of Misfit Friends
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Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 45-60
Age: 8+

The Island of Misfit Friends

Twilight Creations

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Island living was your dream - An island full of friends and a king who you thought was fair and kind. Boy, were you wrong. When candy was discovered on the island, the king got greedy and your friends got mean and unhappy. Now you want off the island. Matter of fact, everyone wants off the island.

The king will figure out your objective once SOMEONE leaves the island. Be the first and the only...

Manipulate the board to get three candies in a row to collect the candy, bribe the islanders to get wood, cloth, tools and rope, and hopefully get off the island. Watch out for the king, he has
quite the temper!

The goal is to collect wood, cloth, tools and rope to build and boat and be the first one off the island. You also will need to slow your "friends" down as only one will make it off the island. The King will see to that!

Fun for the whole Family -
Redefining sibling rivalry!