Stargrave: Quarantine 37

Osprey Games

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Quarantine 37 is a supplement for Stargrave in which players lead their crews into an abandoned space station, hunting for lost technology, unique research, and forgotten experiments. Compete with your opponents for these valuable resources across two competitive mini-campaigns, or venture into the vast maze of corridors and laboratories alone in the first Stargrave solo campaign. Also included are six new soldier types, new backgrounds and powers, terrifying additions to the bestiary, and a new advanced technology table packed with loot to help you in your adventures in the ravaged galaxy.

Soldier Types: Gunfighter, Mule, Q-Bot, Ravaged, Ravaged Trooper, Trophy Taker.

Backgrounds: Aristocrat, Hunter.

Powers: Beast Call, Crack shot, Contacts, Indifference, Inspiring, Investments, Study Prey, Weapon Maintenance.