Starfinder: Adventure Path - Hive of Minds

Starfinder: Adventure Path - Hive of Minds


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The heroes have been physically transported to a psychic projection of the Swarm's hive mind, and must survive this hostile and alien landscape while searching for a way to empower a divine artifact known as the Crown of Hylax. However, this mindscape fights back at every possible turn, eventually manifesting the embodiment of the Swarm's interconnected minds for an epic battle that will determine the outcome of the war!

Inside you'll find:

• "Hive of Minds," a Starfinder adventure for 9th-level characters, by Thurston Hillman.

• An examination of the strange and mutable mental landscapes known as mindscapes, by Thurston Hillman.

• An exploration of psychic magic, including new spells and class options, by Hilary Moon Murphy.

• An archive of alien creatures, including nightmarish monsters that feed off fear and insecurity and a multicolored bird that devours arcane energies, by Emily Care Boss, Thurston Hillman, Louis Rezanka, and Gabriel Waluconis.

• Statistics and deck plans for a scientific research vessel, by Kate Baker, plus a glimpse at a fog-drenched world awash in magical radiation, by Louis Rezanka.