Social Train
Social Train
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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 20-30
Age: 8+

Social Train

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Players need to choose their passengers and try them to have a pleasant trip in this new social network… Or maybe, they will do anything to make this trip a nightmarish experience.

Each turn begins with an event (station card, then each player may perform 3 actions in the order they prefer. The actions are the following:

A) Get in: Place a passenger from your hand on an empty seat in the train. Then, place on them one of your meeples and the number of likes according to the seat. Also, place dislikes on the adjacent passengers according to the played passenger.

B) Act: Activate the ability of one of your passengers.

C) Draw: Draw 2 cards from the Passenger deck.

When a passenger has 5 cubes, the player who controls them scores immediately: Return to the supply all the dislikes and the same number of likes. Leave the rest in your supply.

The game ends when the last card of the Event deck is drawn and the player with the most likes is the winner.