Shake Up: Where Did All The Tech In An IT Firm Go!?
Product Information
Players: 1-2
Playing Time: 15-25
Age: 10+

Shake Up: Where Did All The Tech In An IT Firm Go!?

Medieval Lords

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Taking the game even further and beyond, the expansion introduces a multitude of various content to an already complete game. What you will get in this expansion:

New value of Income/Loan: More quantity of existing income and loan cards, as well as introducing the terrifying 5K value cards.

New Category "Technology": Cards in this category stay in the play area when played, and either triggers an effect when the right cards show up in hand or boost their abilities.

4th Victory Condition: A new way to win via "Buy Out". By implementing enough technology, the company might be acquired by a larger firm, achieving an immediate win.

New Staff From Every Department: Even more interesting folks have reported for their first day of work! Call for Audits without fear of penalties with your very own internal auditor, secretly assist your competitors' laid off workers to win court cases with your own lawyer, and much more!


This box includes extra AI cards to support Solo Mode for expansion as well.

Each copy of this expansion supports 2 players. So if you are playing with 4 players you will need 2 copies of the expansion (to go along with 2 copies of the base game)