Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 10-20
Age: 7+


Mandoo Games

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Seals is a set-collection card game with the theme of collecting Asian dynasty's royal seals.

1. Game Play:
On your turn, begin by revealing cards from the draw pile in order to have 4 cards face up to choose from. Then, choose the cards you want to take in your hand.
These cards can be either:
- all cards of one same color or
- all cards of one same symbol.
At the end of your turn, you may play out a set to win the round.

2. Scoring:
If you play out a set, you immediately win the round.
Take victory chips depending on the nature of your set:
- Four minor cards (1 - 5): take 1 token
- Four major cards (6 - 10): take 2 tokens
- Four Special cards: take 3 tokens
- A complete suit (1 to 10 regardless of colors): take 4 tokens

3. Game end:
At the end of a round, if a player has collected 5 or more chips, he/she immediately wins the game.