Scrabble Junior
Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 30
Age: 5+

Scrabble Junior


  • $18.99

Introducing kids' first Scrabble game. Parents have always loved getting kids into the Scrabble game as early as possible, given the educational value and fun of word games. This Scrabble Junior game is easy for kids to play, and lots of fun. One side of the board has you match letters to form words. The other side has you building your own words.

The Scrabble Junior game includes 4 character tokens, each with its own personality traits. Choose from green Letter Sprinter, yellow Word Surfer, blue DJ Word, or red Wacky Wordy. If you complete a word on the board, you get a point and move your token along the track. You get 2 points if you complete a word that's the same color as your token. If your token is highest on the score track when all letter spaces have been covered, you win the game.

The Scrabble Junior game has a double-sided board so that the game grows with you. If you're just learning to spell, one side of the board has picture clues and color-coded words to help you match letters to build words. Earn points as you complete words, and move your token along the track to show your score. When you're ready to advance, just flip the board over for Level 2 gameplay and create your own words.

The Scrabble Junior game is loads of fun, and an easy word game for kids to play. Match your letters to those on the illustrated gameboard to build words. You'll enjoy keeping score by sliding the amusing character tokens along the track. Then when you're ready to create your own words, flip the board over for classic, crossword gameplay.