Say Cheese
Say Cheese
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Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 30-40
Age: 5+

Say Cheese

Medici Creative

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An audition for Person of the Year for the newest issue of SAY CHEESE Magazine is coming up. A fierce competition is ahead! Only those who can make the most expressions the fastest will qualify. Are you ready? You can be a winner today! Let's go to the audition together! We also strongly suggest you to get your camera ready to catch all the interesting expressions!

One person is chosen to be the expressionist. At each turn, after the expressionist draws an expression card, everyone shouts "Say Cheese!" and the expressionist performs the expression shown the card. After the expressionist performs the expression, the other player guess what the expression is by arranging their Dice into their answers. Whoever finishes arranging the Dice into his/her answer shouts "Cheese!" Once the expressionist confirms that the answer is correct, the player earns the Expression Card and places it face up in front of him/her.