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Revolutionaries uses the innovative, easy-to-play Axiom System game engine. With simple character creation (“Just Pick Five Cards”) and a streamlined ruleset, you can start playing in just minutes.

A roleplaying game set during the American Revolutionary War, where history's truths hide a secret war. Travel back in time to colonial America and an age of high-stakes diplomacy and perilous revolution. Experience the gripping drama, politics, and grim realities of war, and not only meet the founding heroes, but become one yourself. Bear witness to the events that gave birth to a mighty nation, or make a difference yourself and change the course of history!

You are Culper

Behind the British Empire is a driving force dictating the course of human history. In the Revolutionaries game, you take on the role of a newly initiated member of the Culper spy ring, and enter a world of American secrets and lies, with danger at every turn.

With super simple character creation--"Just pick 5 cards(tm)"--and an innovative, easy to play system, this box contains everything you need to get started in just minutes. It mixes cutting-edge rules mechanics and narrative techniques with traditional roleplaying.

Revolutionaries is a tabletop roleplaying game set during the American War of Independence, where history’s once-believed truths hide a secret war for the future of our New World. Become an elite agent of a secret society of spies charged with defending the young United States from all threats. From the shadows, you will help decide the outcome of some of the deadliest battles, all part of a greater war that has been fought for much, much longer.

Inside, you will find:

  • Three game books introducing you to the revolution, presenting core rules, ideas, Culper rituals, villains, scenarios, and everything else you need to take a stand against tyranny.
  • A deck of 54 double-sided ID cards, used to create a unique character in just minutes.
  • A complete collector's set of eight custom 14mm high-impact "liberty dice."
  • A Culper code book used to encrypt and decrypt hidden messages and communications.