Queen Strike
Product Information
Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 15-45
Age: 6+

Queen Strike


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Queen Strike combines a 3D holographic display with a traditional board game to bring you a new and exciting interactive experience. As little heroes of the "Music Kingdom", your quest is to collect Musical notes in the kingdom and complete the fabled "Rainbow Score". Begin your Adventure from one of the four starting points. Overcome treacherous traps set by the "Queen of Hearts" as she seeks discord! Roll the Dice, explore different areas, and thwart the queen's plan by defeating her guards. Get to the castle, undo the queen's magic spell, and save the kingdom!

Queen Strike is a co-operative game. Players take turns rolling the movement Dice and moving their hero pawn along the game map to collect the Musical notes. They might encounter the Queen's guard and enter the "combat mode" displayed in the 3D holographic platform (driven by a game app on the player's own tablet), in which players need to use their combat cards to defeat the guard (in a rock-paper-scissors system). Players might also run into some event cards that bring them some surprise animation in the holographic movie. Once the players collect enough Musical notes, they may challenge the Queen to win the game!