Quartermaster General: 1914
Quartermaster General: 1914
Quartermaster General: 1914
Product Information
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 90-120
Age: 13+

Quartermaster General: 1914

Ares Games

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Quartermaster General: 1914 (Third Edition) is a fast-paced game in the critically acclaimed Quartermaster General series, designed by Ian Brody, that pits the Central Powers against the Entente Powers, portraying the First World War. Based on the popular Quartermaster General system, this card-driven wargame reflects the military, economic, and political intrigue of the time. In this new edition, Ares Games teamed up with designer Ian Brody from Griggling Games to refresh and relaunch this much sought-after title, including an improved board, artwork, and other components.

In Quartermaster General: 1914, each power has its own unique deck of cards, with its own strengths and strategies, providing strong replayability as you try your hand at playing the different powers. Each card has two different uses: one when played, and another when prepared. On their turn, players have the opportunity to both play and prepare a card. They can also spend cards to draft more troops or use cards to subject their opponents to attrition.

Each Power’s deck represents the resources of that player: “digging” too quickly through the deck in the early game might result in unsupported armies being swept away in the final rounds. This is worth it if a player can capture Berlin or Paris in 1915 - but if the gambit fails, you may have a tough road ahead. The game ends after 17 rounds of play, or earlier if one side has a commanding enough lead.

Quartermaster General: 1914 is a must-have for all fans of the Quartermaster General series, and for anybody looking for an accessible grand-strategy game on the “Great War.”