Pyramid Raiders
Product Information
Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 20-45
Age: 12+

Pyramid Raiders

Moaideas Game Design

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Pyramid Raiders is a light back-stabbing Strategy game for 3-6 players. Players are treasure hunters looking for fame and fortune in a long forgotten pyramid. With the help of their special equipment, they will compete with each other to gather the most treasure from this expedition – but watch out for The Guardian! He awakes from the darkness of the ruins to fulfill his mission, to chase all intruders and throw them out with a curse!

In Pyramid Raiders, players lay down action tiles to move and collect treasure tokens on a hexagonal map. Besides providing a number for movement, action tiles will also effect The Guardian in different ways, such as rotate him to face another direction or make him move faster. Used action tiles will stay on board, and will be returned to hand only every five turns when they are all used.

The Guardian's movement is guided by a set of rules and does not need a player to act as the GM. Each turn after all players have finished their moves, roll a die to move The Guardian, then move it extra Spaces depending on the action tiles played this turn.

At the start of each game, randomly place 49 treasure tokens of seven kinds on the map. Players score by collecting tokens of different colors, or by specializing in only one or two colors. Twelve wooden tokens are placed on the map as obstacles, and can be placed in different layouts to change the difficulty of the game. Ten item tiles are included to provide rule-bending effects for players. And for those who are up for the challenge, two extra Line of Sight tokens will let The Guardian literally grow eyes on his back, making it even harder to Escape_Escape – or easier to trap other players depending on your point of view.