Pug You!
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Players: 5-10
Playing Time: 20-45
Age: 16+

Pug You!

Crazy Pawn Games

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Brace yourselves for the revenge of the pugs is here — and it is hardcore.

Through selective breeding, we managed to make pugs one of the cutest dog breeds ever, but the short-snouted dogs couldn't care less about being adorable. Pugs are an anatomical disaster: They gasp and snort instead of breathing, their eyes don't work well, and their short limbs and twisted liver are a mess. They are more than ready to take revenge on humans. What could a bunch of cute little dogs do to harm us? Easy: Destroy our friendships!

In the socially unacceptable card game Pug You!, players are tackled by awkward questions from pugs such as "Who's got the worst professional prospects?", "Who needs to visit the hairdresser ASAP?", "Who is the most illiterate?", or "Who do you care about the least?" After nominating two players, everyone else gets to vote between those two! The most voted player scores that pug's badges.

Can your relationships endure the revenge of the pugs?