Pathfinder for Savage Worlds RPG: Ultimate Core Boxed Set

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds RPG: Ultimate Core Boxed Set


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Experience the amazing fantasy world of Golarion in a new way with Pathfinder for Savage Worlds.

Paizo's award-winning and best-selling setting can now be played using the Fast! Furious! Fun! Savage Worlds rules system. This Ultimate Core Box contains everything you need to play. The Core Rulebook contains the complete Savage Worlds rules, revised and tailored for Pathfinder. No other rulebook is needed!

The Bestiary book contains 128 pages of classic fantasy monsters to challenge your heroes in their quests. The tri-fold screen keeps the GM's secrets from pyring eyes, and a host of other accessories provide everything from initiative cards to sample characters to dice.

With this box, the world of Golarion awaits! Join the Pathfinders and explore its mysteries!

1 Savage Pathfinder Rules
1 Savage Pathfinder Bestiary
1 GM Screen + Adventure
1 Inner Sea Poster Map
1 Action Deck
1 Quick Chase Deck
1 Deck of Power Cards
1 Deck of Status Cards
1 Archetype Cards Set #1
5 Power Dials
25 Bennies
1 Set of Dice
Power Templates
Status Tokens