Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost
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Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 30-50
Age: 10+

Paradise Lost

Green Feet Games

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Paradise Lost
In the halls of a distant Ice Palace, shrouded in legend and myth, roams a long
forgotten sorceress, Nimue, whose talents in dark magic are matched only by the malice in her heart. For centuries she has been plotting and scheming, lying in wait until the time when she could bring the world to its knees under darkness and ruin. That time has come and the Water Witch will reign!

In Paradise Lost, you will play a legendary Hero. Take on the role of Alice, Aladdin, Beowulf, Billy Goat Gruff, Hercules, Merlin, Perseus, or Red Riding Hood. The Water Witch has ripped you from the pages of your own story, bringing you and the others to life in order to fight an evil Villain, possibly your nemesis: the Jabberwocky, the Warlock, Grendel, Troll, the 9-headed Hydra, Sir Mordred, Medusa, or the Big Bad Wolf.

The Water Witch is certain that if the great Heroes of fables and lore perish, it will change reality and the world will succumb to despair.

You and your fellow Heroes must travel the realms of the Water Witch; deduce
whom she has summoned as her champion Villain and the weapon needed to defeat them, all the while preparing for the fight to come. Along the way you will speak to Oracles, learn secrets from the Truthseekers, recite ancient scrolls, seek the Villain’s hideout, and much, much more. Tread careful, the journey will be perilous and it is possible to enrage the Water Witch even further.

Paradise Lost is a fantastical deduction game for 2-5 players where you can’t win just by having the most complete information. Deduction combined with worker placement, resource management, and point-to-point movement makes for a truly unique gameplay experience.

Sometimes it takes an imaginary world to save the real one!