Millie Delivers the Mail
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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 10
Age: 4+

Millie Delivers the Mail


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Lieselotte the cow's dream has come true. Finally she is allowed to help the mailman deliver the mail – but it is not so easy as the pile of parcels is very heavy and wobbly. And before she can deliver anything, she must first find the chicken that is to receive the parcel. Who can help Lieselotte deliver the parcel to the right chicken without anything falling off?

In Lieselotte teilt aus, the cow is ready to deliver the mail and the parcel tiles indicate which chicken receives which package. The players must carefully push the cow with its load to a mailbox and look to see whether the right chicken lives there. Naturally the load may not fall off in the process. When a parcel is successfully delivered, the player may keep the parcel and the associated tile. Collect the most packages, and you win!