Mancala: 22 in Walnut Stained
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Players: 2
Playing Time: 10
Age: 5+

Mancala: 22 in Walnut Stained

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  • $42.95

Glass stones and drawstring pouch included.

The game is played on a board of two rows, each consisting of six round pits. The rows have a large store at either end called kalah.
A player owns the six pits closest to him and the kalah on their right side.

A player takes all the stones from one of his pits, they are distributed one by one, counterclockwise, in the pits and the players own kalah, but not into the opponent's store.

If the last stones is dropped into an opponent's pit or a non-empty pit of the player, the move ends without anything being captured.
If the last stone falls into the player's kalah, they must move again.
If the last stone is put into an empty pit owned by the player, they capture all contents of the opposite pit together with the capturing piece and puts them in their kalah. If the opposite pit is empty, nothing is captured. A capture ends the move.

The game ends when one player no longer has any stones in any of their holes. The remaining pieces are captured by their adversary. The player who has captured most pieces is declared the winner.