Juliet's Letter
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Players: 5-10
Playing Time: 15-30
Age: 10+

Juliet's Letter

Homosapiens Lab

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In Verona rests two families, both alike in dignity: the Montagues and Capulets . Romeo, Montagues son falls in love with Juliet, Capulets daughter. Juliet uses a potion to put herself into a deathlike coma and sends a messenger to inform Romeo of her plan so that he can rejoin her when she awakens. Now, the messenger must find Romeo in time, otherwise, Romeo and Juliets love may become a tragedy.

Game goal:
Each Player plays as a member of the Montague Family, Capulet Family or characters who are not part of either Family. The members of the Montague Family are trying to help the Messenger find out where Romeo is and the members of the Capulet Family are trying to stop them. In this hidden role game, the Messenger will have to decide which players to trust in finding Romeo. Be careful, as some players not associated with either Family may have their own goals for what happens to the Messenger...