Product Information
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 60
Age: 10+


MAGE Company

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This Bundle includes:
Hoyuk (base game)
Hoyuk: Anatolia Expansion
Hoyuk: Obstacles Expansion
Hoyuk: Construction Boards Promo

In Hoyuk, each player represents a clan that settles with other clans to erect a village. During the game, a replica of a Neolithic settlement will be built on the Höyük board using tiles that represent houses. Many additional pieces (such as ovens, shrines, and pens) will also aid a player in building his settlements.

In Hoyuk: Anatolia, you must prove your quality through three different Achievements: build a Water Supply System for your village so the water can reach your land, throw the best Fest in the valley, and finally, build two Artifacts!

Hoyuk: Obstacles adds five unique pieces of terrain that can radically alter the developmental space of the game's board. You must be more careful how you will build your Block since your opponents will try to find a way and stop you from growing your Block!