Gads Hill 1874
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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 45
Age: 10+

Gads Hill 1874

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The city of Gads Hill was founded in 1872, and it gained popularity through the first train robbery in Missouri committed by the James Younger gang. Today, there is hardly anything that remains of Gads Hill — only a sign at the place where the gang stopped the train gives evidence of the earlier existence of the city. How did Gads Hill look like 140 years ago? Where did the duels take place? Where was the hotel located where the Pinkerton detectives spent the night? Where had the Younger brothers been seen?

Take your part on reconstructing the city in Gads Hill 1874. The player who brings the most relevant information to this reconstruction project wins the game.

Gads Hill 1874 is based on the concept of the award-winning game Old Town.