Frontline Defence
Frontline Defence
Product Information
Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 15-20
Age: 6+

Frontline Defence

Shepherd Kit Inc

  • $45.00

Frontline Defence is a standalone mini-game of Ocean Crisis. The new chapter inherits the original one’s co-op game style, with a lighter and quicker dice-driven game play. Throughout the game, players will work together on waste cleanup and develop environmentally friendly techniques. Together, we can protect the ocean by defending the frontline.

Within a game, all players must work together to survive through 6 rounds, preventing the overwhelming amount of garbage from the city floating to the ocean. There are 4 phases in each round:

1. Setup Phase: At the beginning of each round, setup Garbage Tiles according to Round Cards.

2. Planning Phase: Players place all their meeples along the River or on faceup Enhancement Cards at the same time. Each card can only have one meeple on it.

3. Action Phase: After placing all the players’ meeples, perform the following actions in order:

a. Eco Movement: Each meeple placed on a faceup Enhancement Card can acquire the card. Enhancement Cards can be used during the Trash Cleanup period.
b. Garbage Cleanup: Each meeple along the River will have a chance to clean up a Garbage Tile with a dice roll. Starting from River Section A, roll the die if there’s a meeple, and choose a garbage to be fully cleaned (cleared) or reduced (flip over). Retrieve the meeple after each cleanup.
c. If there are any Ocean Vacuums activated, use their functions after Garbage Cleanup.

4. River Flow: All remaining Garbage Tiles from River Section A goes into the Garbage Island. Push the River Tiles one block and place the original River Section A tile to River Section E.