Formosa Tea

Formosa Tea

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The weather and landscapes in Taiwan make it a suitable place for cultivating tea trees of top quality. But it's not until the 19th century when an English businessman discovered the amazing Oolong tea in Taiwan did the tea business begin to bloom and become famous in the world as "Formosa Tea."

In Formosa Tea, players are tea farm owners who strive to harvest the best tea leaves, improve their tea processing techniques, and produce tea of the highest quality for not only the domestic market but also the international demands. With the unique worker placement and worker advancement mechanisms, along with the tea dehydration and scenting processing, players must use their workers wisely to make the best tea in the market.

The game will be played for four rounds. In each round, players take turns to perform one of the five actions:

  • Send a worker to harvest tea leaves
  • Send a worker to a tea factory to process tea leaves
  • Retrieve a worker from the tea factory after tea processing is completed
  • Send a worker to sell tea in the domestic market
  • Send a worker to sell tea to international merchants.

After the end of the fourth round, the player who has the most prestige points wins!