Florenza Dice Game
Florenza Dice Game
Product Information
Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 30-90
Age: 12+

Florenza Dice Game

Post Scriptum

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Do not be deceived by the fact that this is a roll-and-write game: Florenza Dice Game is a fully-fledged resource management game. Not a quick little game, but a deep tricky title however pocket-sized, inexpensive, and with zero set-up time! The game in short:

1: Each player in turn rolls six dice. The active player can choose three dice, then the other players pick one of the remaining dice each.
2: With your chosen dice you can:

  • Gain Resources
  • Gain Money
  • Hire Artists
  • Advance on the City Prestige Track in order to obtain different bonuses... and thus maybe become Bishop or Captain of the People!


3: Manage everything you gained from the dice to realize artworks in your district's palace or church, or choose to construct buildings which can grant you useful effects during the game!