Family Trade
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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 30
Age: 6+

Family Trade

Japon Brand

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Family Trade is a financial training card game for 2 to 4 players (6 years old and up).
Players can enjoy 3 different play styles based on each rule.
The object is to collect sets of trade cards with the same picture.
3 cards with the same picture are counted as 1 set. The first player, who complete sets of cards according to the rule, can get money based on the Paytable.
Finally, a player who earns the most money is a winner.

Game mode 1)MARKET MAKE
Who is the smartest player?
In the financial market, many smart speculators are competing with one another on their own reliable theory and building the market every day.
Who can earn the most revenue at the fixed market rate? This is a game mode that represents the difficulty in the financial trading.

Game mode 2)GOD OF MARKET
Who is loved by the god of market?
In the financial market, the competition between speculators and unexpected fluctuations affect the performance. Therefore, just thinking is not enough to gain the revenue. The market experts also have good luck.
Who is the player loved by the god of market? This is a game mode that tests your financial luck.

Who is a speedster at the market?
The technology evolution accelerates the transactions and achieves the executions at 0.001 second in the financial market. Therefore, the financial trade is restricted in some countries.
A battle ends in a blink. The trade items decrease as the rounds progress. Who is the survivor in such situation?
This is a game mode that represents the dynamism of the financial market.