Diggers (Find Idol! Diggers)
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Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 10-20
Age: 14+

Diggers (Find Idol! Diggers)

Japon Brand

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This game theme is Japanese pop culture "Idol groups".
This game purpose is taking cards and getting highest score.

Field is created by all cards.
And cards are overlapped randomly.

First, players have some counter chip.
Player pay 1 or 2 or 3 counter chip, and get same numbers of cards.
Be careful, you can get only top most cards.
Finally, most highest score player is the winner.

There are some types of cards.
"Idol", "Manager", "Otaku".

If you have "Manager", you can get additional score.
But if you have same colored "Manager" and "Idol", the Idol loves the Manager and leaves your hand.

If you have "Otaku", you can get additional score, too.
But if you don't have same colored "Idol", the Otaku acts violently, and decreases your score.

You should control number of your counters, and choose what card you take.