Death Over The Kingdom
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Players: 3-16
Playing Time: 15-60
Age: 10+

Death Over The Kingdom

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Filler Party card game for 3 up to 16 players. You must be the player with the least tokens in order to win.

Once a card is dealt face-down to each player, the player on the right of the dealer starts playing. Each player during his/her turn may opt to take any of the following three actions:

1. Keep the dealt card and forego turn (known as stand).

2. Use the power of the card if it is allowed. Show the card and apply the power.

3. Exchange cards with the player on the right. If the player changing the card is the dealer, instead of exchanging it with the player on the right show the card, tell your intention to change it, cut the deck of cards and the card that comes up is your new card.

Once all players have gone through their turns all the cards are turned face-up. Following the playing order, the card with powers meant to be used in the final round are played.

Once all the powers of the cards are enforced, the player or players having the cards with the lowest value lose and take one token each. Death always loses if it is in play. The round ends once the tokens are handed out.