Crown War
Crown War
Crown War
Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 10
Age: 5+

Crown War

FoxMind Games

  • $9.99

Crown War is a quick and fun game.
Pick up the highest value crown to win each round, pile up your winnings. The player with the highest pile – wins the game.

  1. Before the game begins, mix the coins and place them on the table, facing down.
  2. All players pick 1 coin simultaneously. The player with the highest value coin wins the round, and collects his friend's coins.
  3. When all coins in the center are gone, or when there are less coins than the number of players, compare players piles.

 The player with the highest pile wins the game! It is recommended to play 5 games in a row, and the winner in most games is The Champion.