Commissioner Victor: The lost painting case
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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 20
Age: 10+

Commissioner Victor: The lost painting case

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The museum was closed on that day to not cover any tracks. The custodian, waddling back and forth on the red carpet, was plucking his hair out and quietly moaning each time he glanced at the empty Space that the painting left. Guards were standing by the wall and looking at the tips of their boots. Unfortunately, the detectives did not have any good news. The perpetrator was a real pro – they did not leave anything that could lead us to him. Only those strange rumors about the man walking through the city streets, carrying a large package...

The detectives in Commissioner Victor: The lost painting case must set out to capture the art thief, and whoever succeeds will earn a promotion or mention in the local newspaper! Players assume the roles of the detectives who are helping Commissioner Victor look for the thief by using tiles with suspects' faces. The player who matches the most features of the perpetrator wins. It will not be easy though, as each player tries to prove that their suspect is guilty and will disrupt other players as much as possible. Deduction and logic needed!