Burning Suns: Invading Races

Burning Suns: Invading Races

SunTzu Games

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In the core box, there are 10 races but only 5 sets of minis; when playing one of the "missing" races, one just uses a random set of minis. With Invading Races, each of the 10 races now has its set of minis.

Comes as a large ziploc bag of 25 ziplocs (5×5 ships and units). The new player colors are brown, pink, teal, orange, and black.


  • Five sets (player colours) of:
    • 8 dreadnought miniatures
    • 8 battlecruiser miniatures
    • 8 raider miniatures
    • 8 regiment miniatures
    • 1 titan miniature with matching colour eight-sided die
    • 1 starbase miniature with matching colour six-sided die
    • 1 colossus miniature with matching colour four-sided die