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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 10-15
Age: 5+



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Blitzschnell! is a jigsaw game for children, with an important Speed element.

Each player gets one of the picture cards. The 36 jigsaw pieces are shuffled and placed in the box bottom. The first player rolls the die. If it shows a cross, the die is passed on to the next player. If it shows a jigsaw piece, he takes the box bottom and starts looking for pieces that belong to his jigsaw. At the same time, the next player rolls the die. As soon as another player has rolled a jigsaw piece, the box bottom is passed to that player.

As soon as a player thinks his jigsaw is finished, he shouts "Stop!". The other players stop and check whether the jigsaw is correct. If it isn't, the player returns all the pieces collected to the box and must start again; if it is, the player earns a Racing car, all pieces are returned to the box, players pass their picture cards to the next player, and a new round begins.

When one player has collected two cars, they win the game!

Variant: All the jigsaw pieces are randomized and put face down in the middle of the table. All players are simultaneously turning over a piece. If it fits your own jigsaw puzzle, you take the piece. If not, put it back face down. The first player to complete his jigsaw wins the round.