Battleborn Legacy
Battleborn Legacy
Product Information
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 120-180
Age: 14+

Battleborn Legacy

Silverleaf Games, LLC

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Battleborn Legacy is a Fantasy Strategy war game for 2-4 players that takes roughly 120 min to 180 min to play. Players acquire resources necessary to build powerful armies, accomplish quests and discover rare magic as they attempt to earn enough victory points to win the game.

Put your skilled artisans to work to build a strong economy and then unleash legions led by powerful heroes to vanquish your foes. Never underestimate roaming undead armies and always be on guard as the deadly dragon may strike at the most unfavorable time.

Players begin the game by choosing a hero and a race alliance. This can be accomplished randomly, in turn order or by blind bid. Once the selections are made, players will place their stronghold, hero and starting army on one of their race alliance territories, then in reverse order players will place their race lord on another alliance territory in a different province.

Player aid cards help players with their turn sequence, unit costs, casualty results and random events that may occur throughout the game. Each players turn consists of the following sequence: A rune blessing that affects all players, players then purchase new units and structures and place them in a queue. Each player then takes their turn moving units, initiating and resolving battles, deploying new units, collecting resources and updating their victory tracks. All players may then heal heroes, repair damaged strongholds, draw new quests and resolve a cataclysmic event to end the turn. There are 7 turns and if a player hasn't earned enough victory points through expansion, questing, killing other heroes or slaying the dragon the final cataclysm destroys the world and all players are defeated.