All Green
All Green
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Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 15
Age: 6+

All Green


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Super All Green was originally published in 2014 for 2-4 players, and a second edition was issued in 2015 as ALL GREEN for 2-6 players.

ALL GREEN is a card game that simplifies the rules and play of Japanese Mahjong by reducing the types of cards and scoring hands. This edition is very portable, with two decks of small sized cards. One deck is the Tenbo cards, showing scoring points in values of 10P, 5P and 1P. The other deck is only the green bamboo suite (Ryuiso), hence the game being called all Green. The other Mahjong suites and tiles, such as Dragons, are not represented.

As in Mahjong, players repeatedly draw a card from the deck and discard one from their hand, trying to build a scoring combination from the five cards they hold after drawing. The combinations in All Green are simply a pair (the Head), and either a Run (Shuntsu) or a Meld.

Based upon the value of the winning hand, players discard their points cards accordingly. The first player to get down to zero wins, or the player with the fewest points after two rounds.