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Players: 3-4
Playing Time: 20
Age: 6+



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Aachoo! is a Bluffing game set in the ocean, in the battle between monk fish and its tasty prey. Each player is a monk fish who has 9 mouth locations, arranged in a 3x3 grid. Players draw tiles, place fish on them either lying or telling the truth, and score more points for having all 3 colors of fish / tiles in a particular horizontal row.

When a player draws a tile, they examine it and then place it face down on the next open spot in their player's monk fish display. They then place a number of fish of one color on top of the tile. This claim can be either true or a lie. Going around the table, check whether another player wants to challenge the active player's claim. If challenged, the active player reveals the tile. If they were truthful, they keep the tile, but the challenger loses their most recent tile. If caught in a lie, the active player gives the tile and the bluff fish to the challenger, who places them in their next tile slot on their player board. In addition to the normal fish tiles, there are 2 special tiles which change up some of the results of the Bluffing.

Play continues until all but one player has filled up all their slots, or until out of tiles.

Players score each horizontal row. In each row, they look at the colors of the fish (tokens or fish on tiles). If all 3 colors are represented, then they score the number of all fish in that row. Otherwise, the row scores the number of tiles.