Welcome to Funagain Games New Website!

We welcome new customers and loyal customers alike to the new website. In preparation of the new website, we have stocked an additional 1,800 different game titles which are available now on the site. There are many new ways to search for games on the site, whether it is by category, what part of the world it was designed, or what awards games have achieved. We hope that the new site offers something more than the standard fair of just "cult of the new". We will be updating and adding more features each week to expand and improve your experience here.

Check out our FAQ page for a detailed list of more changes.

Gift Certificates

Your outstanding Gift Certificates from our previous website will be honored! The code from the Gift Certificate that you used at checkout on the previous site, will work the same way. If you have any issues at all, please contact customerservice@funagain.com.

Tiered Discounts

We are still offering our Tiered Discounts for loyal members. It has taken on a new format to match the new website with great values you can come to expect from us. If you have had a previous Tiered Discount on our old website, make sure you create a new account and then contact: customerservice@funagain.com, and we will set you up with our new Tiered system retroactive. Here is how our new loyal member discount system will be:

Name Money Spent Discount
Jade $200 1%
Sapphire $500 2%
Emerald $1000 3%
Ruby $2000 4%
Diamond $3000 5%


For more tiered discount information and a focused FAQ, click here

 Funagain Memberships

If you have a Funagain Membership, simply contact our customer service department at customerservice@funagain.com, and they will be happy to assist you.