Rewards Program

Welcome to the new Funagain Rewards Program! The Rewards Program is our way of saying thank you for the support of our loyal customers. Tiers are tied to your account and grant access to permanent discounts to products sold on You earn points by buying items only here on the website. If you had an old account, check the FAQ on the bottom of this page to learn more. The Rewards Program levels and discounts are listed below.

Name Money Spent Discount
Jade $200 1%
Sapphire $500 2%
Emerald $1000 3%
Ruby $2000 4%
Diamond $3000 5%

Each badge has a rank and as you progress in each badge you'll earn a higher rank for your account.

Points Program FAQ:

What happened to my old points?
For security protection we could not automatically transfer your points from the old site. If you had an old account, make a new account here and then contact us at to get your points transferred to this new system.

Does this reward program stack with other discounts?

Where can I see how much I've spent here or my progress to the next tier?
Check out your account page. After creating an account, you can see this page by clicking your name in the top right corner.