We want you to shop with confidence at Funagain, knowing we're committed to providing you with the best selection of games, a terrific source of information, top-notch customer service, and excellent discount prices.

The products we sell are subject to availability. While we try to stock the greatest variety possible at all times, there are many factors that may cause an item to go out of stock. We are constantly updating our web site to reflect the current availability of our products, but since the stock of these items is constantly changing, this time frame displayed is listed as a guide only. Because we deal with many rare, unusual, collectible and out-of-print games from all over the world, and because even new or otherwise generally available items are subject to production constraints and fluctuating levels of demand, we can make no guarantees of price or availability.



We stand by the items we sell. Should you have any problems with any item purchased at Funagain, just contact us, and we'll make sure things are set right.

  • New Games
    The vast majority of titles in our catalog are brand new games direct from the manufacturer, never played.

  • Used Games
    Offering used games allows us to provide a source for many great titles that have gone out of print. We carry a large number of used games--cleaned up, complete, and ready to be played.

  • Ding 'n' Dent Games
    We occasionally receive games that have been damaged in shipping, and offer them for sale at a discount. All Ding 'n' Dent games are new; damage is minimal and restricted to the game packaging. Game components are in perfect, unplayed condition, and covered by the same All Parts Included Guarantee as our New and Used games.

    Please Note: Due to the unpredictable nature of our receipt of damaged shipments, all Ding 'n' Dent games are available on an extremely limited basis, and may become unavailable at any time without notice. We therefore cannot guarantee that all requests for Ding 'n' Dent items can be filled -- but if we have the same title in stock in undamaged condition, we will offer it to you at its regular price. We do not accept backorders or reservation requests for items in damaged condition.




Many items which are in production, but which have not yet been shipped by the manufacturer may be Preordered.
  • Availability Date
    Manufacturers usually announce the date--or the approximate date--which they expect a new game to be completed and shipped. Sometimes this date may change for reasons beyond our control, such as a change in the manufacturer's print schedule. We'll do our best to get new games just as soon as they are available.

  • Pricing
    Pricing of items on Preorder status is subject to change. The Preorder prices quoted on our web site are based on initial information provided by the manufacturer; but sometimes during production of an item, the manufacturer alters their pricing for the item, which affects the price at which we are able to sell the item. For this reason, the prices quoted on our web site for Preorder items are estimated prices. As with any such item, we will confirm your order and the price of the item before shipping.



While we attempt to stock as many different items as possible in sufficient quantities to anticipate the demand of all our customers, we occasionally run out of stock of an item. This may be due to demand which temporarily exceeds our expectations, or it may be that the manufacturer has run out of stock of an item in between print runs. If we expect the item to be available for us to reorder, we will place the item on Backorder status.

  • Availability Date
    We usually have an expected date of restock for Backorder items. If the item is readily available from the manufacturer or from our distributors, we can generally predict the arrival date of a new shipment and will post that date to our web site. If the item is in between print runs, we are informed by the manufacturer of the expected availability date--but this date is subject to change, as sometimes manufacturers' printing schedules change without notice, an event which is beyond our control.

  • Pricing
    Pricing of items on Backorder status is subject to change. Sometimes the manufacturer of an item has changed the price of an item since our last order of that item, which affects the price at which we are able to sell the item. Items which we import are also subject to changing overseas shipping expenses and the constantly fluctuating currency exchange rate. For these reasons, the prices quoted on our web site for Backorder items are estimated prices. As with any such item, we will confirm your order and the price of the item before shipping.



Special Orders

Many items in our catalog are listed as "Special Order" items are items which we don't normally stock, and which may or may not be available; pricing and availability of these items is not guaranteed. We won't bill you for any such items until we have the item in stock and ready to ship, at which time we will contact you via the email address you provide to confirm your order and the price of the item.

  • Pricing and Availability
    Pricing and availability of special-order items can be very unpredictable for many reasons: Sometimes we are able to get an uncommon item with little or no difficulty when a customer requests it; we can then quote on our web site with what delay and at what price this item is likely to be available to future customers. However, our suppliers' stock of many such items often changes without notice, and we therefore have no way to know in advance when the availability or price of these items changes. The complexities and transit times involved with acquiring items from overseas increases the unpredictability of imported items. For these reasons, we provide the estimated price and lead time required for acquiring special-order items only as a rough guide.

  • Condition
    Sometimes a special-order item which we were at one time able to get in new condition becomes unavailable without notice from our suppliers. In many cases, we may still be able to get the item in used condition. Of course, any such items must still meet our standards of quality and are guaranteed for completeness. As with any special order item, we will confirm your order and the price of the item before shipping.

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