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Funagain Logistics provides Single Point of Contact Global Fulfillment Solutions for your Kickstarter project.

Wholesale Distribution

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“…[Funagain] was so incredible in responding to hundreds of backers who wrote back to [them]. I saw the e-mails, but instead of me needing to go to [Funagain] to act on them, [they] would just take care of it.”
“There weren’t many problems to solve, but when they arose, Funagain was proactive, not just reactive.”
“I would buy them fancy dinners just to convince them to work with us again.”


"Funagain Games came to our rescue at the last minute during the fulfillment of our first game Western Legends. Since then, they have been our US fulfillment provider on almost 20 campaigns. Their Client Portal is one of the best features. I can log on anytime and place an order and know that my customers are taken care of. The cherry on top of it all is that they have the best prices. I can't recommend Funagain enough.  


"I highly highly recommend FunAgain Logistics for both campaign fulfillment and ongoing order fulfillment after your project ends. The team is friendly and quick with communication, their pre-campaign estimates are thorough and accurate, their packaging is fantastic, and their online tools allow Roxley to view the overall project at a glance or easily find individual orders. Most importantly, they get stuff out fast! It's a pleasure to continue working with FunAgain to support our projects."


“We have been so happy with the work the crew at Funagain put into the fulfillment of this project. They shipped out all 1800+ packages in a less than a week's time! Fastest turn around time of any of our fulfillment partners! We will continue to use Funagain to fulfill new US orders Pamir as we move to sell the remaining stock on our webstore.”