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Funagain Logistics provides Single Point of Contact Global Fulfillment Solutions for your Kickstarter project.

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“…[Funagain] was so incredible in responding to hundreds of backers who wrote back to [them]. I saw the e-mails, but instead of me needing to go to [Funagain] to act on them, [they] would just take care of it.”
“There weren’t many problems to solve, but when they arose, Funagain was proactive, not just reactive.”
“I would buy them fancy dinners just to convince them to work with us again.”


"When working with Funagain, it really feels like you are given a team - a collaborative and cooperative team - dedicated to getting your products to your customers in a timely and professional fashion. Their communication and online tools are excellent, and the process is smooth. I would recommend their services to anyone requiring order fulfillment!"


“I have been using Funagain fulfillment for a few years and am very happy with the service. I have used them for domestic and international shipments to help fulfill several campaigns and my ongoing regular sales. I’ve personally met most of the Funagain team on two occasions and visited their large warehouse operations. Their backend system has really helped me handle large volumes of shipments at once. I look forward to continuing to use their services ongoing to help get my products shipped."


“We have been so happy with the work the crew at Funagain put into the fulfillment of this project. They shipped out all 1800+ packages in a less than a week's time! Fastest turn around time of any of our fulfillment partners! We will continue to use Funagain to fulfill new US orders Pamir as we move to sell the remaining stock on our webstore.”