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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 45-60
Age: 10+


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GladiGala is a 2-4 player skirmish style family game of fast paced tactics and simultaneous play – a tactical rush for fame & fortune.

In GladiGala players take the role of gladiator school leaders who meet in the arena for a day of a tactical show off. Your objective is to finish the day (after playing 2 matches, morning and afternoon) as the most decorated gladiator school of Rome, and winner of the day! Players can achieve this in 2 ways: either capture an opponent's Eagle (and receive Medal of Eagle), or by having the most denarii (GladiGala's coins) in your Treasury as a match ends (receive Medal of Coin). In GladiGala all the results of what happens in the arena are translated into coins, by which players can also manage their gladiator team during the match (upgrade a hurt gladiator, create advanced maneuvers, or enter the arena's "Safe Zone").

As a Gladiator School Leader it is up to you to gain coins and fill your Treasury for marvelous tactical performances and for making accurate strategic choices. Outwit your opponents, make the most of your gladiators' formation, manage your Treasury wisely, and get the crowds on your side chanting GladiGala's mantra: "Always aim for an eagle – always stand guard!"

GladiGala is a simultaneous game played in multiple rounds. First, players use magnetic panels/cards to give movements, maneuvering, and action orders to all gladiators. Each game players enter the arena with a different gladiator formation, made from GladiGala's 4 gladiator types: Sword, Spear, Dagger, and Club, each has a different set of abilities. After giving movements orders, players place their attacks trying to anticipate their opponent's moves. Finally, cards are revealed and all gladiators perform accordingly. A gladiator moving to an attacked area is marked as "Hit". A gladiator hit twice is out of the arena!

Welcome to Rome, 101 A.D.

The city's center stage is set up and ready for GladiGala, the year's greatest show of skill in the arena. Rome's 4 finest Gladiator Schools; ACADEMIA – LEO – SOLIS & SPIRITUS – appear in the arena for a glorious day of tactical contest in the pursuit of title and Medal of Champion!

Morning rises and the crowds make their way to the arena. The teams all gear up, final preparations are made, last instructions are given. Your gladiator formation for the morning match is set and ready to head out the gate. Your gladiators are holding to their eagle, your house symbol of honor and respect. You hope they will be holding it to the end…

Trumpets are blown, the crowds are ecstatic: "open the gates!" you hear them shouting, frantic. GladiGala begins: Shlak Shlak Shlak – all gates are raised announcing it's time to storm Rome's most celebrated central stage!